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Introduction – this is the outline of the thesis. Imagine that you have arrived in another city or country. How does the journey begin? From a travel guide or map. Here, the introductory part of a scientific paper performs similar functions – it introduces you, forms your first impression, and confirms its importance.

Scope and parameters of the thesis introduction
The recommended limit is 2-5 typewritten A4 sheets. This is approximately 9000 characters. However, the volume of introduction to the thesis is also determined by the presence of all structural elements. You can't shorten the material by cutting out, for example, parts about goals or methods.

The other side of the coin boils down to the inadmissibility of deliberately "pulling the right number of characters by the ears". It is quite obvious that some humanitarian topics require more detailed descriptions, while technical diplomas are often smaller in volume, but they do not lose quality.

Structural elements of the diploma introduction
The introductory part of the diploma has its own writing algorithm and points. A fairly clear gradation is used, which must be indicated in the introduction and in what order. Let's briefly look at each element in their order of priority.

The author of the diploma should reflect how important and significant the issue raised is. At the same time, the relevance should not be divided into several sheets or compressed to 1-2 sentences. The recommended length is approximately 3 paragraphs. If the topic is multi-faceted and the content covers several hypotheses, you can zoom in to 1.5 sheets.

When describing relevance, it is important to show that the main tasks have been completed:

the desire to refine existing theoretical or practical properties;

disclosure and justification of real needs and prerequisites for studying a particular issue;

demonstration of a reasoned need for research in this direction.

Justification of scientific and practical significance
To describe the scientific novelty, the student must determine what new things he positions and brings in the chosen topic. After all, a diploma is not just a rewrite of 10-20 sources, but an author's, innovative work. So to speak, it is important to show your individuality.

If the material has a practical focus, the novelty will be the results obtained for the first time or reasonable updated data on scientific ideas that were formed earlier.

As for practical significance, this category is directly derived from scientific novelty and refers to the definition of results that need to be achieved. It is difficult to prove its scientific and practical significance for working in geometry. This subject itself is incredibly complex, and to discover something new in it is comparable to a world discovery. But it is possible to come up with a job where geometry will benefit people, and this is often done. If you don't know what you want to write, if the subject of your course work is geometry – we will tell you

Formulation of the hypothesis
This is the final and most important element of the introduction (although each of the above structure elements is mandatory). A hypothesis is a certain assumption, a result that the author intends to achieve with the help of research.

The hypothesis is expressed using such speech phrases as:" it will be effectively implemented if there is..."," the result is achieved if...","it will allow to provide...". Hypotheses are very difficult to make up when you are doing algebra work. If you are really faced with the fact that you can not formulate a hypothesis – we will help you

Recommendations for writing a thesis introduction
The main advice on how to correctly write the introduction to the diploma is to start this part after completing work on the main chapters. That is, some outline items should be at the beginning, but the final wording is indicated only at the end. This ensures that the introduction and content match.

The main reference point in writing is methodological recommendations. You need to get them at the department in advance, get acquainted with them, and, if necessary, ask questions of interest.

If you don't have the time, energy, or desire to write a thesis, you can CONTACT and she will be happy to complete the task to order. With us, you ensure a guaranteed successful result.

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